Classic Portrait Da Vinci Style


I am always surprised how companies, who are investing a lot of money for representation and branding, spend little or no money to make their leaders and staff look good. Often it is a selfie or a quick snapshot that represents leaders of the company instead of a well crafted portrait that shows the professional qualities. Job seekers who spend much time writing their resume and spend money on resume books and consultants use snapshots that do not do them a good service.

In the past, only people of power and influence needed a portrait for representation to the public. In today’s online world everybody needs a portrait that shows his/her qualities because, no matter how glowing your resume: we are judged by our faces.

Contacts are made online, but contracts, jobs or deals only happen in the real world. And to get to the real deals you have to pass one test: people will look at your picture to decide if they would like and trust you. Only then you are getting a chance in the real world.


Many people self-sabotage online by using a selfie. A selfie not only looks unprofessional. It makes you look unprofessional. All your great business offerings will suffer if your portrait does not convince.

Your resume and business website delivered facts. Your portrait gives the reason to trust or distrust those facts.

What a good portrait (headshot) does

A great portrait of you wins those critical first 3 seconds when a person looks at your picture and decides to trust or distrust you. A great portrait of you is designed to show your qualities. It shows that you are knowledgeable, an expert in your field, that you are trustworthy and have a good attitude. It is the picture of a professional person you want to do business with because that person is to be trusted in character and ability.

Your face represents not just yourself as a person. It also represents your business and your career. It is the most important thing that can advance you in life and business.

How to get the best possible portrait (headshot)

Headshots are considered entry level work and you can them cheaply from entry level photographers. This is why I don’t like the term “headshot” because what you need is more than just a “shot” of your “head” so people know what  you look like.

This is why I don’t like the term “headshot”. But I use it as it has become a word that is being used interchangeably with the word portrait (which is what you need).

What you need is a portrait that shows what you look like in an pleasing manner and it must show who you are, your qualities. For this you need a process that is personalized to you and not a conveyor belt operation where everyone gets his head shot in a very short time.

How it works and why it is fun to do

A portrait (headshot) shoot is personal and needs a personal approach. To compare it to fashion: you don’t want to grab a piece of clothing off the rack. You want a tailor to tailor it to your body so it fits perfectly.

A tailor made approach starts with a first consultation to find out where you are heading and what the most important qualities that you have to show towards that goal. At the same time I consult on clothing, accessories, hair, skin and we can decide if we need a makeup artist.

What is important about this approach that at the shoot day I am no longer a stranger to you and I know you and can design the shoot so you get the best results. After all, this is about your business and career.

For the shoot day I have over my 15+ years of experience developed processes that even people who do not like to be photographed enjoy the process - which leads to even better pictures.

Post-production will create the perfect finish without looking “photoshopped”. For this reason I do all retouches myself.

With a good portrait representing you online you can be confident that you will be received well and you will find that this was one of the best investments you have ever made.