Surreal Moment: girl dreams at renaissance castle in Milan, Italy, small cloud in the sky and she is lost in thoughts - fashion photographer Robert Wilde

Surreal Moment – Girl Lost in Dreams at Renaissance Castle

The girl stood in front of the Renaissance castle in Milan, Italy and felt like a may fly, so short-lived, barely there next to this proof of a long and deep civilization.

A Surreal Moment in Time

Time is not a matter we can shape, it is an abstract rhythm we assign the flow of things. When time steps out and makes itself felt as with this building of long history, we are enhanced with awe as we get a feeling of the depth of times, the long past that has happened so long ago and has left these visible traces for us to remember that everything flows.


Lost in the surreal moment of a dream, fashion photography, Milan, Italy


Escape into Dreams

Our century is a commercial one. Dreaming does not increase revenue and should only be done in collective movies after paying a for the ticket and then have the same, flatlined dream as all the others watching it. But the real dreams, the good day dreams, those alternative worlds that make our imagination fly are personal. Dreams are an escape that are the most amazing trips where no power has access.

Alternative Worlds

If it is not in your head it is nowhere. Only what enters our imagination and thinking is real for us. Our rational surface can only focus on a couple of events. What is really going on in us is beneath the surface which is why there can suddenly rise an idea out of us which was rolling there, beneath conscious reality and a connection to our consciousness sparked. Dreams consist merely of what is beneath the waves, our personal worlds, of things that we imagine but only in unclear shapes until a piece of art, a book or a movie touches it. The girl in this picture had been touched by a sudden imagination, a day dream.

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