Primaballerina in dynamic dancing pose performing women's fashion in photography studio, yellow cargo pants, gray jacket
fashion model in white pants and gray jacket in dancing expressive pose at fashion photograph studio in Los Angeles
woman hiding her face behind hair posing with short white pants and orange top in fashion photography studio
surreal performance of a dancer for an avantgarde fashion brand in Los Angeles studio concept and creation by fashion photographer Robert Wilde
fashion model in white jacket in out of this world setting, concept and realization by photographer Robert Wilde, LA
dancer performing high fashion, white jacket, yellow high heels, face hidden
explosive movement by fashion model at fashion photo shoot in Los Angeles Studio, shot by Robert Wilde
girl flying with arms spread wide in expressive fashion photography session in women's clothes
masked mystery woman in womensstyle fashion campaign by Robert Wilde
girl in dress with ruche frills turning around with mystery eyes
Dancing queen of fashion models with soft flowing dress in studio in LA
highly emotional dance performance by fashion model at womensstyle female fashion photo shoot
this girl is shy but she attracts - womens fashion photography campaign USA
girl fashion pants and jacket fashion model balancing big step in white studio room
fashion girl with little black dress in front of striped background at fashion shoot in LA
girl with tough look and sexy dress challenging masculine male at studio shoot

Studio Fashion Photographer

Robert Wilde shoots fashion in studio in a clean, concise style that shows colors and details in the best light.

Models, dancers and other on-camera talent always performs well on his shoots and gives the fashion pieces that extra energy that sets his clients before the rest.

High Quality E-commerce

The E-commerce photograph is the last image the customer will see before he or she clicks the "buy"button. Robert knows this and he creates the lighting and perspective that shows womens and mens fashion in the best light that you can get.

Robert Wilde creates studio fashion photography in a very clear and clean and crisp style that is emotionally engaging and shows the design literally in the best light.

He not just shows how good the fashion design is but also injects it with emotion and enhances its desirability.

Robert shoot in studios all over California and New York and is available USA-wide.

Best Lighting -Great Detail and Color

Robert Wilde is mastering the art of lighting, a discipline that gets forgotten more and more.

He creates images that show great detail and a three-dimensional intensity that stands out against the often flat images you see in fashion stores.

Robert Wilde's fashion work on location

Photographing fashion stories on location is Robert's great passion. There he outshines even his studio work.

If  you are looking for a captivating fashion story, think of the possibility to combine a studio shoot for e-commerce with a location shoot for a great fashion story that enhances the brand of your fashion line.

Women's Fashion Photography

Mens Fashion Photography

And here his work as a portrait photographer

The Magic of Light

Light is what makes things visible to us. It is the reflection of streams of photons from the objects that reach us. This is all we have to make a first evaluation what we see.

Photography is about things we cannot touch. At least not right now. The photographer creates a lighting style that is not just like the light we see in everyday situations where we are right next to the objects we see.

Because the objects are not there and all we have is the light this is they key aspect of creating great images.