high fashion model performing at studio fashion photography shoot in Los Angeles
best fashion photographers create stunning performances like this one in studio, LA
fashion photograph of woman with white pants and gray jacket in photo studio
07-15-18_Robert-Wilde-1740_234-x-f copy
girl with glasses bending backwards, wearing designer clothes and dancing
ballet dancer in designer clothes moving arms before face
woman with carnival half mask looking seductively over her shoulder
girl swirling her dress moving her hips while looking into camera
08-14-19__Robert-Wilde_1753_25-f copy
young girl dancing, standing on one leg, lifting the other, giving a smirk at camera
studio portrait of woman with long brown hair and a mischievous smirk

See Robert Wilde's work in Fashion Photography

And here his work as a portrait photographer

Studio Fashion Photographer

Robert Wilde shoots fashion in studio in a clean, concise style. He puts great importance on the lighting and the detail of the fashion pieces, may it be apparel, shoes or accessories.

Last but not least he favors good performances of the talent and interesting setups as people like to look at clothing more if the photograph is compelling.

He knows the certain something that propels studio fashion images to greater effectiveness.

Studio Portrait Photographer

Robert Wilde creates portraits in studio, always looking out that the images are full of life and expressing the energy of the person involved.