Photographing people is a performance art. It is fired by the impression of the moment and the personality of the artist and the relation to the talent in front of the camera. Which is why the result can only be predicted into a certain direction. This is why it is style and not a schema.

The Mood of Voyaging

Improvisation, spontaneity on one side, thought and personality on the other. This relationship between the timeless and the brief moment of creation is something that will be at the heart. And I will write about anything that I feel is related to it which can feel random, surprising from some readers.

This is why a this blog doesn’t have a strict concept. It more has a mood board. Who knows where I’ll be going with this? Any creative outcome that is not a surprise for the creator is guilty of cliche. If you always know where you are going you are probably commuting.

This is not about commuting. This is about voyaging.

Bon voyage!