man in the wild black and white photography
Mystery Portrait of Woman with an enigmatic smile wearing a high fashion dress, photographed in Milan, Italy, Europe
professional portrait - girl in high fashion coat by Los Angeles fashion photographer Robert Wilde in Milan, Italy
male fashion portrait by fashion and portrait photographer Robert Wilde, Los Angeles and New York
Beautiful and tall black woman portrait at the ocean in glowing light high key lighting
portrait of man in mysterious light
woman cyborg with camera replacing face in black and white portrait
good looking young man asleep in a spell with snow on his skin eyes closed
double portrait of man and woman in love, heroic image
Portrait of a cool young man in hard light on location in Los Angeles, California by portrait photographer Robert Wilde
Getting Attention: the right kind of fashion photography - beautiful model at the ocean in Malibu, California in bright colors
Steampunk or Zombie style portrait - a girl with hypnotic eyes and a very intense stare
The deep emotion makes his face look ethereal - fashion portrait photographed in Malibu, California
man with cello playing on Hollywood square in portrait photograph
Science Fiction portrait of an alien girl in front of a spaceship aiming for the moon - fantastic photography
Elegant lady in a Renaissance style portrait in front of a Renaissance Castle in Milan, Italy
Classic Portrait Hollywood Style with pillars and romance by Los Angeles photographer Robert Wilde
man and mannequin double portrait in Hollywood, California
fashion portrait of Asian man in a coat in nature at a male fashion and accessories shoot in nature in Los Angeles, California
business man - corporate - fashion portrait and headshot
girl in steam punk glasses at beach in Malibu, Los Angeles, California
man in elegant suit in California nature - fashion photographer Robert Wilde, Los Angeles
fashion portrait of beautiful woman with robot and cyborg looks in high end lighting style
pilot woman in the command space of her spacecraft - portrait photographer los angeles
Asleep or dead? Beauty with pale skin and calm expression in dark portrait photograph
woman of the night in the neon glow of the electric city - portraiture
rising from the underworld - mens style fashion photography campaign
African Queen - girl with strong eyes portrait photography
female portrait in yellow and green color
man by the sea full frontal porrtrait
woman taking a risk portrait photography
sharp portrait of young man in California - best portrait photographers
Mysterious woman in field before high riser in futuristic landscape - high end portrait photography
detail of backside of dress in portrait with neck and hair and a view over a dark landscape
fashion portrait of man wearing sunglasses highly stylized portrait photograph

Portrait Photographer in Los Angeles and New York

Portrait photography is the art to make people look as they are. In life, nobody looks as they are. This is why most people do not like their photographs. They do not recognize themselves in them. Portrait photography brings the inner being and the outer looks together to one image that represents both the inner and the outer side of a person.

Business Portraits in Los Angeles and New York

Business portraits are not just about what the executive looks like. It also puts in the kind of his or her business and gives a vivid and energetic statement. Faces are extremely important for business. You can have all the good numbers you want but people trust a face more. A great business portrait (not just a business "headshot")is an important business tool that puts a great face to a great company.

Portrait Photography for Artists, Singers, Musicians, Performers and Entertainers

Robert Wilde works with artists and performers, singers, musicians to create portraits that not only show what they look like but also make visible the kind of work they are doing and how they are doing it. To make the life of the artists visible in their faces and connect the human and the artistic dimension of the person.

The Personal Portrait

A great portrait is an anchor in time. It stops time and gives the portrayed a positive statement about himself or herself. In families, it is an image that is handed from generation to generation and an important part of defining who a family is. It is not a coincidence that the royal houses all over the world had portraits made of every family member. A portrait is symbol of humanity, borrowed to a specific individual that it raises above general humanity to a status of special individuality. A portrait is a major instrument of humanity.