Asleep or dead? Beauty with pale skin and calm expression in dark portrait photograph
portrait of man in mysterious light
double portrait of man and woman in love, heroic image
woman cyborg with camera replacing face in black and white portrait
girl with Mona Lisa Mysterious smile, photographed by Robert Wilde in Millan, Italy
The deep emotion makes his face look ethereal - fashion portrait photographed in Malibu, California
girl with an intense look portrait photograph in saturated red and orange color
man with violoncello playing on Hollywood square in portrait photograph
good looking young man asleep in a spell with snow on his skin eyes closed
pilot woman in the command space of her spacecraft - portrait photographer los angeles
business man - corporate - fashion portrait and headshot
Beautiful and tall black woman portrait at the ocean in glowing light high key lighting
man and mannequin double portrait in Hollywood, California
intense female portrait in black and white by Los Angeles and New York photographer Robert Wilde
black woman in glowing high end portrait photographed in California
man with long hair - fashion photography - fashion portrait
male fashion portrait by fashion and portrait photographer Robert Wilde, Los Angeles and New York
Fashion Stories in Los Angeles, California - Woman experiences a great moment in Malibu at the Pacific Coast
Marilyn Monroe style girl flirting in clothing lookbook photogshoot
portrait of man at bridge - black and white - fashion portrait
man with headphones - stylish fashion portrait closeup
Dexter portrait fashion shoot
fashion woman in direct light great cheekbones
man in the wild black and white photography
profile portrait with distorted head in nature black and white high contrast
African Queen - girl with strong eyes portrait photography
female portrait in yellow and green color
La Portrait Photographer 30s style girl jewelry headshot
man in sombrero portrait photograph
man by the sea full frontal porrtrait
fashion portrait of beautiful woman with robot and cyborg looks in high end lighting style
detail of backside of dress in portrait with neck and hair and a view over a dark landscape
fashion model in Renaissance style portrait in front of Renaissance castle
fashion portrait of man wearing sunglasses highly stylized portrait photograph
girl looking over shoulder with a smile portrait photography
girl with magic eyes closeup portrait in California sunlight
sharp portrait of young man in California - best portrait photographers
woman taking a risk portrait photography
man with silver skin - portrait photography in New York
black and white portrait of black young woman in New York


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Portrait Photographer in Los Angeles and New York

Robert Wilde is a portrait photographer based in Los Angeles working also in New York, USA-wide and Europe.

Personal and Imaginative
International Style

The personal approach is key to portraits. It makes a portrait a definitive image seen though the human eyes. It makes it alive.

Corporate Portraits
Not Headshots

We can create business portraits that show the energy and character of the company that lives in those who lead it. For this reason we do not do standardized corporate headshots but work with companies who want upscale business portraits.