Photography Artwork image of an airplane tail at the airport, rasterized by a chainlink fence


This photography artwork represents how computerized information processing sees the world: breaking things up into small, equal sized elements that let the whole of it disappear in the fog of information processing.

Photography Artwork

Since the beginning of time man has searched for knowledge, strived to get at least a few things about the world that are true. He went out and explored and researched. He found things that were true and on which he could build his civilization. And he did.

Rasterized: a contemporary form of Illusion

With data processing things get turned around. Now the processing is key and the knowledge is reshaped by arrangement. Just notice how machine search algorithms shape the vision of the world for those who cannot see how they are being led astray by being told some things and other things are being hidden from them. Contemporary data processing is the most sophisticated form of lying and propaganda that has ever existed as it removes the original source completely and replaces it with an image of it. Someone caught in this data labyrinths can err there his whole life without ever finding one thing that he can rely upon, without ever grasping one thing that is true.

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