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Photographic Experiment 1 – Turning a Pleasant Landscape into a Gloomy One

For the next 30 days I will create and post one photographic experiment every day. Doing things differently creates a high surf of creative juices.

Photographic Experiment 1 – the gloomy landscape

Today I turn a pleasant landscape into a gloomy one without desaturation or blurring or adding noise. It was mainly to be done in camera with almost no Photoshop involved.


Southern California is known for its bright, sunny days of strong colors and pleasant moods. After sunset you can see a different side of the land. After sunset the light sometimes gets dark. It does no longer reflect off objects. As if the landscape swallowed the light.

Your eyes get all that light from the horizon but the landscape is dark. The effect on you is that of awe and introspection. Your thoughts turn away from he world.

Why does’t this turn Southern Californians into a population of philosophers and artists? There is much too much pot, alcohol and pain killers around for that.

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