I have been living in Los Angeles for over 20 years. To the visitor it may seem confusing because of the island structure of the city.

Wonderful locations in the sea of the indistinguishable, hidden wonders and locations.  Ocean or classic architecture, desert, forests and lonely country roads, warm light and somber noir atmosphere.

Afternoon Light


Night atmosphere in downtown Los Angeles.

Downtown-Los-Angeles-Night-Photography copy

Los Angeles Photographer - East Coast Style + European Taste on the West Coast

I was born in Germany and grew up in Vienna, Austria, studied philosophy in Vienna and got my major influences there and while living in Paris and Berlin. All those influences and my keen interest in classic European art make me a hold-out of East Coast and European style in the Los Angeles beach scenery.

Why should a European or New York production shoot in Los Angeles? Many reasons: when times are gray, wet and cold California is warm and has the best light. Nothing compares to the late afternoon light in California when everything becomes gold plated and vibrating with beauty, even ordinary objects seem to get a moment of celestial quality.

The old movie theater

Night Light

Photographieren und Filmen in Los Angeles auf Deutsch - location old movie theater - Schauplatz: altes Kino in LA
Los-Angeles-Atmosphere-deutschsprachiger-Photograph-in-LA night scene in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Locations

Over the years I have collected dozens and dozens of locations over a wide range of styles within the city or outside.

  • Downtown Los Angeles

  • Santa Monica

  • Silverlake

  • Hollywood Hills

  • Hollywood and West Hollywood

  • Industrial areas on the coast and in the north

  • Pacific Palisades including beaches

  • Malibu beaches and mountains


City Lights

Deutschsprachiger Photograph in Los Angeles - Landschaft nahe Los Angeles

Wilderness in LA

A Moment at the Chateau Marmont, one of Los Angeles's oldest hotels.

woman cyborg with camera replacing face in black and white portrait

Dark Beach

Landschaft am Meer - deutschsprachiger Photograph in Los Angeles

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