Images for fashion - personal and surreal - - fashion photographer Robert Wilde

The Surreal, the Personal in Images for Fashion

This was a photoshoot with the Premoli di Bella, a fashion brand from Milan, Italy.

Non-Commercial Images for Fashion

In photography a personal approach is everything. When you feel the personality of the fashion design, the landscape and the photographer you have an experience that gives you something real.


Lost in the surreal moment of a dream, fashion photography, Milan, Italy


The Surreal is the Playground

Day dreams turn the material world into a meaningful world. The girl in the picture is thinking of something that has to do with her and I’m not intervening. The exciting in photography is to see what happens when you bring different people and different things together like this girl from Russia wearing a dress that has been designed over 500 years after the castle was built.

The Surreal and the Fantastic

Salvador Dali said that surrealism destroys what limits our vision. The personal and the surreal both reinterpret reality and do not care about advertising copy. Advertising copy destroys meaning and the intimacy of situations that photography seeks to create. A radical, personal approach is not only better for the artwork, it also gives the company behind it a stronger personality that does not need to write pushy notes to its audience but can, with self-assuredness present beautiful things.

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