High fashion coat, photographed by Los Angeles photographer Robert Wilde in Milan with Renaissance church on a sunny afternoon


The high fashion coat by the Italian designer Giulia Camata is one of my favorite fashion pieces I have seen recently. I photographed it in front of the Renaissance church Chiesa Del Carmine in Milan, Italy. The late afternoon sun carved out the wonderful reddish building in a floating balance of architecture and light.

As an artist from Vienna who lives in Los Angeles I have a great love for Italy. Here is a photograph from a series that I took in Milan, the most interesting fashion city in the world. Milan has Renaissance buildings and high end contemporary architecture and a sophisticated population. Strolling through the city day and night I photographed many views of the city as well.

The Italian high fashion coat, photographed by a Los Angeles Photographer from Vienna

The coat was designed by the young and yet not well known fashion designer Giulia Camata which I hope will soon get her chance to make an impact in the Italian fashion scene. Her orange coat is a marvelous piece of work that has many different appearances and adapts to light and different contrast situations very well.


Fashion Photography: woman in orange coat in bright sunlight in Italy, fashion shoot by Los Angeles Photographer Robert Wilde

New Designs in Fashion and a personal approach in fashion photography

It is important for interesting fashion to grow to have independent fashion designers who have their own shop and are not employees of fashion brands so they can develop their own vision and are not subject to esthetic micro-managing. How about one of those big fashion brands with large budgets to fund Giulia Camata’s designs for one or two years and have first look rights to her designs?  Contact me if you are interested in supporting this fashion artist.

At the same time, the photography of creative fashion is best done with a personal approach. The photographic artist is asked to work and create, not a commercial one. Fashion is personal, and so should its photography be.


High fashion coat worn by Latvian Model in Milan, photographed by Los Angeles photographer Robert Wilde


Fashion design and fashion photography create new worlds of esthetic pleasure and intellectual stimulation: an inspiration for creation.

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