Stylish high fashion model running with futuristic skyscraper in the background. Created by Photographic Artist Robert Wilde, in Milan, Italy, Europe

Run Across the Sky – Fashion Shoot at the Bosco Verticale, Italy

Highrisers add vertical dynamic energy to horizontal motion. That’s what attracted me most to this situation. A woman running across the sky. Can she fly? What abilities does she have?

I photographed this at the Bosco Verticale, the vertical gardens in Milan, Italy. It’s a highriser built with sustainable design in 2014. On its terraces grow 800 trees, 4500 shrubs and 15 000 plants of a great variety. In summer this is a green tower, in winter you can see more of the actual building. It was January and the lines were clean and hard just like the sky.

I found a vent that allowed me to raise Ieva Rainyte from Milan’s Wonderwall Management so she could run across the sky.

The fashion design is by Anna Siccardi.

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