Fashion Story - beautiful woman and castle - fashion campaign photographed in Milan, Italy

From inspiration and pre-production over casting, location scouting, props, crewing, shoot and post production: how I work.

Classic Portrait Da Vinci Style

A good portrait makes people to be interested in you and to trust you and your business.

Los-Angeles-Atmosphere-deutschsprachiger-Photograph-in-LA night scene in Los Angeles

An Austrian's photographer's life in Los Angeles: islands in the stream of metropolis from wilderness to Blade Runner noir.


German speakers. Photographieren Sie Ihre Kampagne / Story in Los Angeles auf Deutsch mit österreichischem Photographen

Landscape in the Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu, California in black and white, moon rising

The three peaks in fashion photography. These three artists created their personal worlds.

The Power of Stoicism - man in the wild black and white photography

Portraits represent us online. If they are good we get a shot at a real life meeting. Important, even if some call them "headshots"

Girl in white coat in front of a high tower in a surreal landscape

Visuals and thoughts from day to say, month to month, year to.... until the end of the universe. The lights are still on in the universe.