saxophonist on rooftop in Hollywood, fashion photography and music photography in black and white

Fashion Photography and Music Photography in New Brilliance

This is a shoot with a fashion model who cannot actually play the saxophone. While fashion photography and music photography are two different realms they both can influence each other positively. The elegance of fashion and the emotional intensity of jazz music, photographed on the rooftops of Hollywood, California.

Music photography with style : inspiration by fashion photography

Photography of fashion has elements of style that strive for elegance and this is a good fit for musicians. There are enough f***ed up musicians out there. Great Jazz musicians always had their own breed of elegance from Dave Brubeck over John Coltrane to Bill Evans and  many others. Classical musicians, who mostly perform in formal clothing could use this even more. It creates a strong and positive signal – which is a great thing in times of negative news and statements. It works particularly well for classical music and jazz but who says that a rock musician can’t be far off a line of cocaine?


Saxophonist: fashion photography and music photography on rooftop over Hollywood, California in black and white by Robert Wilde, Los Angeles photographer


Above the rooftops of Hollywood, California: a bright outlook in dark times.

We can build a visual story out of ideas and concepts found in 700 years of history of art. Art has always supported the search for the light in times of darkness and the darker the times the brighter the art. We live in dark times and we better not depict the miserable but what can give inspiration and drive to improve things. That goes also for photography that pictures fashion and music.

I photograph stories that do not stay within the often tightly defined limits of a genre and use what leads to visually enticing stories. See my women’s portfolio here and my men’s portfolio here.

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