girl in white dress by fashion photographer Robert Wilde, Los Angeles
fashion model walking goose step Los Angeles, California
fashion model on location shoot in courtyard in Milan, Italy
Woman in high fashion suit posing at expressionist statue
LA fashion photographer shoots fashion model at Pacific Ocean Coast-in-Malibu
fashion photography of sophisticated woman in pink silk dress - clothing of California
fashion model running past highriser in fashion editorial in Milan, Italy
fashion model at beach in Los Angeles, California
girl in steam punk glasses at beach in Malibu, Los Angeles, California
Girl in white coat in front of a high tower in a surreal landscape
Woman walking strong past construction site fashion photograph
woman flexing muscles fashion photography New York
Woman flying at the beach fashion Photographer LA

Fashion Photographer Los Angeles - New York

Robert Wilde is a fashion photographer based in Los Angeles and New York and photographing worldwide.

He is known for his innovative, personal style and his intriguing use of light and color moods. Robert Wilde celebrates beauty and a positive, creative outlook on life.

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Storytelling for Fashion Brands

Younger audiences like Generation Z and the Millennials (Generation Y) can be reached by good storytelling and interesting visual concepts. They will love good images as long as they are not feeling to be sold to.

Because they do not want to be sold to. They want to be addressed as individuals. And this is where Robert Wilde's concepts work.

Fashion Photography for Sophisticated and High End Audiences

Robert Wilde is also great for developing a visual relationship to high end and sophisticated audiences who are blocking out conventional marketing.

Through stories, moods and captivating visual concepts Robert Wilde can address and hold the attention of this audiences much desired by high fashion brands and labels.