Fashion Film and Motion Content

Robert Wilde creates films and fashion motion content that enhances the emotional connection to audiences through storytelling. He knows that product advertising is tired with viewers and that they want to see content about people. Good storytelling is about people and emotions.

Fashion Film and Creative Editing

Editing is about the way how to tell a story. Robert Wilde is familiar with the rich history of film and the many ways to tell a story visually, from Eisenstein and Pudovkin and Wilder, Lubitsch, Fellini to the nouvelle vague by Godard and Truffaut to modern day masters like Kubrick and Coppola and Sorrentino. Key is that there is always motion either in the frame or between the frames, preferably both. And he is committed to root out the greatest sin in fashion film: to show models standing around in slow motion. Robert Wilde creates emotional motion content, motion content that sets the inside of people in motion.

Visual Storytelling

A story is a series of events seen through the eyes of a character. This eliminates 99% of content pretending to be stories but being only about products. Fact: if you want to interest people in your products, fashion designs, and services there is only one way to do it: tell a story about people.

Fashion Film and the Soundtrack

What we hear influences heavily what we see. This is why Robert Wilde creates soundtracks that are an experience to themselves. He does not just download a track from royalty free music site. Robert Wilde creates an acoustic experience from sounds and music and the spoken word that enhances the story and the emotional engagement.

Film Maker In Los Angeles and New York

Robert Wilde is based in Los Angeles but gladly travels to cities and even the most remote landscapes in the USA and in Europe.

(310) 913-6716