Fashion Film by Robert Wilde

Robert Wilde creates films and fashion motion content for fashion established and startup fashion brands and captures the attentions of audiences.

Focused on Story

Key to Robert Wilde's motion work focuses on motion in two ways. First there is always something moving in the film. It is either the model or the camera and often he also creates motion through dynamic editing.

The second motion is story so the character in the video has always a goal to move towards.

All this motion, all those movements that beautifully attract the audience's attention and emotions are united by a story.

In one film you see a woman walk the streets of Palm Springs and then get out into the desert. In another a woman hears voices and dances in their rhythm and having a splendid time.

The art of fashion film editing

Robert Wilde has studied the art of editing to create inspiring content. He loves the work of the silent movie and its highly creative ways to get story across. He particularly likes the work of Eisenstein and the experiments by Kuleschov and Pudovkin who managed to wonderfully create the impression of joy and fear, hunger and achievement without using sound.

As fashion film is usually not using dialog, this is perfect for it. Robert Wilde has also written several full length feature film screenplays and applies his knowledge for clients by scripting the fashion films before shooting.