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Fashion Film and Video
by Robert Wilde

Robert Wilde creates films and fashion motion content for fashion established and startup fashion brands and captures the attentions of audiences.

Storytelling with Motion
Creates Emotion

It is a barely known open secret that film is about motion.

We tell motion stories with motion. We make sure things are really moving in our stories - the actors and models, the camera and the dynamic edits.


Dynamic Editing and Video
Firing up Audience Imagination

The history of film is rich - from the early days of amazing silent pictures over the French Nouvelle Vague and American and British individualist filmmakers.

We have studied the best concepts and editing techniques to use them as a storytelling devices to get your audiences come back to you.


Impressive Soundtracks
Why Sound matters so much in film

The sound we hear when watching a movie is of central importance on how we see the movie - and how much we are impressed by it.

We do not play some canned stock music in our videos. We don't want to bore the audiences of our clients. We create soundtracks that mix sound and music to a true sound of music that engages the audience on a higher level.