Rolling hills over the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, California - landscape photography by photographic artist Robert Wilde

Rolling Hills over the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, California

Landscape photography is first walking the scenery and then wait for the moment. Just as I turned a bend of the gentle, rising path the ocean and the hills presented themselves to me in their beauty. Beauty is rare in this world of mindless vandalism of Earth. This is a memory that beauty and nature has not given up its fight.


Landscape photography

Nature is the subject and just like with a person I photograph the character and the mood. Instead of a bright smile there will be a wide open panorama and for the thought shadows hint on the other side of this world that is in the shadows and that we often don’t want to see but which is necessary to have a three-dimensional world instead of all-flat brightness (which is what makes regular commercial photography so dishonest and distant to us: it’s just not real).


How does it relate to fashion photography and portrait photography?

Landscapes are wonderful backgrounds that have light that puts a special touch on people and clothing no studio with its a bit boring regularity can deliver. New outlooks, new scenery, a wonderful tree, a bush, a rock formation and then the view over the ocean. Picturing people and things in connection with the world gives them a story and emotional meaning.

Here is a look at my portrait photography


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