Emotional portrait of a young woman in front of cool, modern architecture in Milan, Italy, Europe

The Exciting Power of Emotional Art – Photography and the Moment of Truth

Time: 1/250th of a second. Faster than a blink of the eye. The machine clicks but what it captures is not just machinery. It is the human sense that tries to make a machine picture what we see with our human eyes. This gap between what the machine sees and and what we see is photography. If we can get this into a picture then we have accomplished an act of photography.

A Medium of Emotions

Photography is born out of emotions. Like the musician’s hands fly over the keyboard of the piano and no longer thinking about each keystroke as a keystroke – but as sound, so the photographer connects to the world out there at the blink of an eye. He’s not taking the image. He is letting the components come together like the pianist the different sounds of the different keys.

It is emotion that puts the parts of an image together, that chooses one angle or light over another. There is not way to describe it. For the same reason there cannot be a valid critique of photography as the critic has not been present at the time of the making. A true photograph pictures the emotional rather than the real landscape.

Just like music, photography cannot be taken apart. It can only be seen just like music can only be heard.

The Sincerity of Light

You cannot cheat in photography. Any time you slant the camera or use a wide angle just because you want to impress it does not add to the picture and such abuse of creative elements comes back to the photographer as he will find a cheesy imprint on his sensor.

What we really see and what we feel at the moment the 1/250th of a second (or longer, or shorter) slices reality, that is what makes the image. If it was done in simple honesty it will shine, if it was done with second-guessing for effect it will punish everyone who sees it and most of all the photographer himself.

Photography is a very direct medium that searches the contact with your emotions. And when you got that right, emotions will soar also in those who see it. Into as many directions as there are emotions.

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