Photographic Artist Robert Wilde - self-portrait

The story to this self-portrait: during a visit to Vienna I photographed a Viennese fashion model at the so-called palm house, the green house of emperor Franz-Josef, located in his former castle. It is an artificial jungle and between tropical plants flew large, tropical butterflies.

I noticed one of the black butterflies sitting in the middle of a narrow walkway, just in the shade between plants. A black butterfly on dark ground. Hard to see. Someone was going to step on the animal.

So I bent down and offered my right hand. The butterfly accepted and crawled on my index finger. I rose him up into the air and held out my hand and expected him to fly off. But then it didn't. He just sat there on my hand. I moved the hand and so it took off and then landed on my neck. It is very difficult to do a fashion shoot with a butterfly sitting on your neck. I gently nudged the wondrous insect and it took off again and now landed on top of my head.

The camera was on a tripod so I took this double portrait of me and a butterfly who has to remain nameless. I continued to shoot with the butterfly sitting on my head for a while longer until it finally took off an fluttered up into the exotic plants.

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Photographer and Artist

I am originally from Vienna, Austria and also lived in Paris and Berlin. In 2000 I moved to Los Angeles, California and have enjoyed living close to the ocean and the deserts since.

Photography is deeply personal. I have acquired my visual language through my life of what I saw, experienced, the art I loved and the discoveries I made.

I studied philosophy and literature and am also a practicing novelist. I write Science Fiction about the future of mankind and its path to the stars.

Travel is an important inspiration for me. From my earliest days moving through countries with my camera has been a key inspiration.

My favorite voyage was from Vienna to Tokyo not by plane, but traveling over land. I took the train from Vienna to Moscow (2 days), traveled 6 days with the Transsiberian Railway through thousands of miles of Russia, Mongolia and China to Beijing. From Beijing I went to Shanghai (1day) and took the ship to Nagoya (2 days) where the bullet train - Shinkansen - fired me at high speed toward Tokyo, where I arrived almost instantly.

My favorite period of art is the Renaissance but I also love early 20th century art and both inspire me for my photographic work.

While editing I play Jazz, opera and film music like scores of the two Blade Runner movies and that of "Interstellar" and electronic music by Peter Mergener and Michael Hoenig.

If I could choose to live in a movie it would be a sixties movie, most likely 8 1/2 by Federico Fellini. But then, I also love and write Science Fiction and am currently working on an alternative world to live in.

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