Robert Wilde, photographer

A perception is that you either are a visual person or a language person. I don't think this is true. A writer thinks very visually, he just expressed himself more in words.

I am both a photographer and a writer and my work is defined by those two poles.



Robert Wilde, fashion photographer, portrait photographer, Los Angeles, California, self-portrait in natural, calm evening light
Double self portrait with butterly at Schmetterlingshaus, Vienna, Austria

The story to this self-portrait: during a visit to Vienna I photographed a Viennese fashion model at the so-called palm house, the green house of emperor Franz-Josef, located in his former castle. It is an artificial jungle and between tropical plants flew large, tropical butterflies.

I noticed one of the black butterflies sitting in the middle of a narrow walkway, just in the shade between plants. A black butterfly on dark ground. Hard to see. Someone was going to step on the animal.

So I bent down and offered my right hand. The butterfly accepted and crawled on my index finger. I rose him up into the air and held out my hand and expected him to fly off. But then it didn't. He just sat there on my hand. I moved the hand and so it took off and then landed on my neck. It is very difficult to do a fashion shoot with a butterfly sitting on your neck. I gently nudged the wondrous insect and it took off again and now landed on top of my head.

The camera was on a tripod so I took this double portrait of me and a butterfly who has to remain nameless. I continued to shoot with the butterfly sitting on my head for a while longer until it finally took off an fluttered up into the exotic plants.

Traces Of My Past

I was born in Germany, grew up in Vienna and lived in Paris, Berlin and now Los Angeles.

I believe in a world-wide culture that is created by individuals.

I studied philosophy and literature and I grew to be who I am by the help of the great writers, philosophers and artists of the Western hemisphere.

If I could choose to live in a movie it would be a movie from the sixties, very likely 8 1/2 by Federico Fellini.

If you are starting out the journey on this page and would like to see my work I suggest to start with the a first voyage through my images here on my front page


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