Photographic Artist and Writer

The goal of photography is to take a machine, a camera, and make it see like the human eye - so I can create an instant impression that contains a world.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is not about the clothing. Fashion photography is about the relationship between individual human beings and what they wear. It is an emotional and symbolic relationship and a matter of civilization. Every single successful brand has created a kind of culture for those who fell in love with it and engage in an emotional relationship before money even becomes a concern.

What I Do

Photographic work with a distinct style. Fashion and Portrait photography. Fashion campaigns. lookbooks. Advertising campaigns for those who like ideas and want to try something new that doesn't look like advertising but works better. Portraits for artists, performers, singers, musicians, business professionals, start-up founders, executives. I can do everything from concept to post production.

Photographic Artist and Writer Robert Wilde

Artist and Business

Artists have always worked for businesses. Businesses of a certain standing need art to stake their claim to culture. The enterprise of the future will attract its clients and customers by the world and experience they create, in the way they are supporters of culture.


Art is personal. Business is personal. Anything a person is involved in as a human being is personal.


My credo for campaigns, including my own is: I try to show something that it interesting and enticing without pushing someone. People who I want to reach know what they want. And they don't like to be pushed. But it is clear that we need to contact others commercially - after all, we all are in business. This is how I handled one of my own campaigns for fashion clients: Campaign Landing Page Example

photographer: light, color, composition

The images stand for themselves. Photography and literature have always belonged together for me, one nourishing the other: my personal Perpetuum Mobile.


Ethics and Esthetics are One. Ludwig Wittgenstein.


Ideas are born out of fascination and curiosity. Ideas are the driver of development and of more fascination and curiosity. Ideas keep life together.

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