fashion photographer Robert Wilde, Los Angeles and New York

Robert Wilde was born in Germany and grew up in Austria. He has lived in Austria, Germany and France before he came to the USA in 2000.

He studied philosophy and literature at the University of Vienna with a focus on how stories and thoughts are created and affect cultures and civilizations.

He loves music and literature, classic painting, architecture, old cities and archaic landscapes, modern technology, Physics and the realm of space.

The Process of Visualization

Robert starts his process by drafting the story and the world of experience of the fashion line he is going to photograph.

Who are the people who are going to wear the clothing. What do they respond to? What is their world experience?

Then he goes to explore locations, models, props and the best shooting time.

Fashion photography isn't just about what fashion looks like. It is about how it feels when you wear it.



Robert Wilde

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