fashion photographer Robert Wilde, Los Angeles and New York

Robert Wilde is a fashion photographer and filmmaker located in Los Angeles but also working in New York and all over the USA and Europe.

The attention span gets shorter but more and more companies and people are vying for attention.

How can we beat this discrepancy?

How can you let people - the right kind of people - know what you are doing without getting eaten up by advertising cost?

As a photographer and filmmaker, my quite unusual biography helps me to see through the maze and come up with answers for my clients.

I have studied philosophy and literature (MA) and my focus was on how stories and content is transmitted from person to person and within cultures.

I have lived in Vienna, Paris, Berlin and now Los Angeles and the different perspectives gave me additional information on how to give my clients what they so much desire.

There are intelligent and creative ways to get messages through to the right people through visual means, sometimes paired with text and/or sound.

This is what I do for my clients.

Would you like to know more? Contact me. I look forward to our conversation.


Robert Wilde

cell   (310) 913 6716