fashion photographer Robert Wilde, Los Angeles and New York

En-light-ened. Photography
An Artist's Love Affair

I can still smell the developer and fixer chemicals of my teenage darkroom in Vienna, Austria, when I started out photographing the city and its people in black and white.

The key to the photograph is, I think, not in the equipment but in the mind where the images flashes up first.

I am a Los Angeles photographer and I work USA-wide and in Europe. Asia, South America and Africa are on my list of places I would love to work at.

Not to forget the Arctic.

My mottos are:

"Do things Naturally according to your experience"

"Don't try to be who you are not"

"If you want to stand out do things differently"


"Ethics and Esthetics are One"

Only things that are connected to you in personal way through experience are true.

Beauty is an expression of things going together in an ideal way.

Why it's a good idea to talk to Me

• Experience. 14 years in business

• It's not business - it's personal. My work is personally connected to me and my clients become part of this world

• Your business matters not just to you. It also matters to me. And I want it to matter to many, many more people.

• I love to develop original concepts, ideas, and stories and new ways to tell them. I love to work with the personality of existing fashion brands and and help to create new brands.

• My passion for art, literature, architecture, sculpture, philosophy and history powers my work. There are wonderful ideas in our rich history of civilization that is a rich source of inspiration to create new things and new ideas.

• When I photograph portraits it is personal. I do not photograph headshots or or other types of standardized imagery. I am a photographer for those individuals and companies who want a personal and unique expression.

I do this...

• Fashion advertising campaigns, personality focused advertising campaigns.

• lookbooks with visual storytelling, fashion editorials, editorials

• portraits for artists, musicians, business people

• visual stories that involve nature and the beauty of Earth and of our rich cultural history


(310) 913-6716