Raising Engagement in a fashion photography story by creating a unique image of a girl running with modern skyscrapers
elegant woman and castle - dramatic fashion story - fashion advertising campaign photographed in Milan, Italy
brilliant fashion photography attracts high end fashion customers with powerful emotions - high fashion model on the terrace of Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, California
Emotions - charged fashion - woman having a strong emotion at sunset in Palm Springs, California, created by fashion photographer Robert Wilde, LA
Fashion Stories in Los Angeles, California - Woman experiences a great moment in Malibu at the Pacific Coast
woman cyborg with camera replacing face in black and white portrait
girl with Mona Lisa Mysterious smile, photographed by Robert Wilde in Millan, Italy
male fashion portrait by fashion and portrait photographer Robert Wilde, Los Angeles and New York
mens fashion - male fashion photography Los Angeles
girl in steam punk glasses at beach in Malibu, Los Angeles, California
masculine model in denim - jeans jacket - and sunglasses in Los Angeles
strong girl dominating with a direct stare on roadside on PCH in Malibu, California by fashion photographer Robert Wilde
High fashion gown in black worn by actress at Hollywood Chateau Marmont fashion editorial photography shoot
male fashion shoot - mensstyle- at construction site of bridge in Los Angeles, California by best male fashion photographer
Male leather jacket, photographed from behind, see the stitching and adorning patterns in this stylish jacket, Malibu, LA, California
Sustainable Fashion shoot - Woman in white gown in rolling hills landscape in sustainability fashion photography - California
fashion girl jumping high and flying at Malibu beach
Primaballerina in dynamic dancing pose performing women's fashion in photography studio, yellow cargo pants, gray jacket
fashion model in white pants and gray jacket in dancing expressive pose at fashion photograph studio in Los Angeles
girl with strong walk and tough face walking in skirt and blouse in Los Angeles
dynamic goose step fashion girl lookbook Los Angeles

Fashion Photographer
in Los Angeles and
New York

Robert Wilde is a fashion photographer based in Los Angeles, photographing in all of the USA and in Europe.

His focus is on visual storytelling. He is also a writer and philosopher and increasingly also works stories of words and high concepts into his work for fashion brands.

Photography is a personal approach to the world - his work is of personal importance to him. He is in close contact with his clients and knows their businesses and their stories, desires and dreams.

A successful business is a combination of creativity, vision, dream and hard work.

Charge your Fashion with Emotions

Emotions are at the center of what is important to us. Emotions are created by visual impressions that create a relationship and meaning to people and things. Without emotions the world is flat.

Robert Wilde creates emotions for the fashion worlds he photographs. Emotions arise from personal work and from the creation of beauty.

Fashion photography isn't about the clothes. It is about the people who wear those clothes. Fashion photography is about the worlds those people live in: a context of emotions and meaning.

This personal context is what emerges out of Robert Wilde's work, benefitting his clients.


He has a wealth of experience working in cultural matters and can enrich his clients’s work with stories, myths, legends and highly original visual concepts.

May the Force of Nature be With You
Sustainability in Fashion Photography

Nature is at the core of our lives. Without nature, without the wilderness of Earths' creation we are going to fade out of this universe.

One of Robert Wilde's chief goals is to support nature and the sustainability efforts in fashion and help to bring back to fashion its key elements of beauty, style, and theatrical greatness.

See a one page focus document on photography for fashion brands who favor sustainability

A Global Perspective

We no longer live in one place. Our lives are global and all we do has global impact. Robert Wilde is committed to world citizenship, a connection between all those who aim for beauty, thought and a renaissance of humanism to lead us to a future that is better than those signs we see on the horizon.

Photography can do its part to create visual stories that work on thought, beauty, style and humanism.

A Photographic Artist
Giving new Ideas to Advertising

Be Human. Then you are different. And you can drop the noise that makes people flee advertising. There are creative ways to get the attention of people. Creative ways that do not put them off.

Visual stories, exciting discoveries, emotions - we are all naturally interested in those things. This is the path to naturally connect to the interest of audiences.

Robert Wilde finds stories and fascinating locations, facts, scientific triumphs and artistic moments of revelation. These are the things we should talk about, these are the themes fashion aficionados, fashion customers would like the see, read and hear. Robert Wilde is ready to give it to them. Are you?

The Art of Fashion Photography

Art is creativity on a personal level and connects to others on a personal level. This is why fashion photography, seen as an art, creates emotions naturally.

The art of fashion photography is not about what fashion looks like, it is what fashion feels like.

The looks come in the process.

Photographic Work and Service

I create fashion advertising campaigns and artistically oriented fashion campaigns.

Lookbooks can be fascinating stories instead of just people standing in front o f white wall next to a potted plant. A lookbook must tell a story or it is a wasted opportunity.

Visual storytelling is at the heart of fashion photography that is successful not for the photographer's ego but for the client's fashion brand.

If my client sees rising emotions for his/her fashion designs - that's the pat on the back and shoulders of my ego.

I also shoot in studio where I want to show color and texture of the designs AND get a performance out of the models. After all, that's the kind of fashion photography that sits closest to the "Buy" button.

In regard to pre-production I can offer producers, wardrobe stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists of high quality and can deliver a full service including concept and post production.

I also love to work with your preferred professionals including producers - whichever fits the process of your fashion brand best.


(310) 913-6716