Stylish high fashion model running with futuristic skyscraper in the background. Created by Photographic Artist Robert Wilde, in Milan, Italy, Europe
Fashion Story - beautiful woman and castle - fashion campaign photographed in Milan, Italy
Ghost dressed in human skins at the art museum Pinacoteca di Brera - photographic artist Robert Wilde created this fashion photography photo shoot
Mystery Portrait of Woman with an enigmatic smile wearing a high fashion dress, photographed in Milan, Italy, Europe
Storytelling in Fashion Photography attracts the best audiences - Eugenia relaxing on a terrace of the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, California
Fashion Photography - Charged with emotions - woman having a strong, personal experience at sunset in Palm Springs, California, created by fashion photographer Robert Wilde, LA
Elegant women in bathing suitsat the beach - swimwear fashion photography editorial and lookbook - Malibu, California
Getting Attention: the right kind of fashion photography - beautiful model at the ocean in Malibu, California in bright colors
woman cyborg with camera replacing face in black and white portrait
male fashion shoot - mensstyle- at construction site of bridge in Los Angeles, California by best male fashion photographer
fashion girl jumping high and flying at Malibu beach
Male leather jacket, photographed from behind, see the stitching and adorning patterns in this stylish jacket, Malibu, LA, California
girl in steam punk glasses at beach in Malibu, Los Angeles, California
male fashion portrait by fashion and portrait photographer Robert Wilde, Los Angeles and New York
Strong dramatic photograph of short skirt and blouse in fashion campaign , photographed in Los Angeles
dynamic goose step fashion girl lookbook Los Angeles
girl in see-through pants, fashion editorial, PCH in Malibu, California by fashion photographer Robert Wilde
A quick brown fox jumps over lazy dog mens style fashion photograph
Portrait of a cool young man in hard light on location in Los Angeles, California by portrait photographer Robert Wilde
Photographic Experiment - color to black and white photo - High fashion gown in black worn by actress at Hollywood Chateau Marmont fashion editorial photography shoot

Photographic Artist and Fashion Photographer Robert Wilde

Photographic Artist

As a photographic artist I believe in a personal approach to each project. Each project has its own individual story and esthetics.

I photograph each person in his own way and each fashion brand in not a personal style that expresses a world for this fashion brand. Photography can only be good if it is personal, with a direct and emotional connection to the photographer.

Fashion Photographer

Style is personal. A photographic style comes from the photographer who develops it and does not copy the mainstream.

Fashion photography is as much about the people wearing the fashion as it is about the fashion. It is a world of experience.

Portrait Photography

It is the magic of light that reveals the human qualities of the photographed, together with the right framing, a good scene and the right moment. The connection between the photographer and the the photographed creates the atmosphere that is being felt in the picture. This connection is different with every subject, it can be cool and distant, or close and personal - no two situations are alike.