Girl in white coat in front of a high tower in a surreal landscape
fashionmodel in avantgarde outfit in fashion editorial in Milan, Italy
girl in high fashion coat by Los Angeles fashion photographer Robert Wilde in Milan, Italy
girl in festive gown in front of castle in Milan, Italy in fashion editorial
girl in armor style avantarde fashion outfit - best photographers Los Angeles
Two women at the beach - swimwear fashion photography editorial and lookbook - Malibu, California
High fashion gown in black worn by actress at Hollywood Chateau Marmont fashion editorial photography shoot
elegant woman and castle - dramatic fashion story - fashion advertising campaign photographed in Milan, Italy
fashion model in faux fur avantgarde design walking in Renaissance chateau in Milan, Italy in fashion editorial campaign
woman in silk dress walking the desert in purple silk dress in fashion advertising campaign, Palm Springs California
woman cyborg with camera replacing face in black and white portrait
fashion model running past highriser in fashion editorial in Milan, Italy
woman in red silk dress fighting a stone lion in lookbook photo shoot by photographer Robert Wilde
dynamic goose step fashion girl lookbook Los Angeles
girl with strong walk and tough face walking in skirt and blouse in Los Angeles
black and white fashion portrait by portrait photographersof Los Angeles
black woman in avantgarde outfit on bridge in dynamic fashion pose in dynamic photography by Robert Wilde
girl goose stepping in fashion outfit off street corner in downtown Los Angeles industrial district
woman flexing muscles in denim and jeans clothing photography shoot -
seduction by madness - woman with gun in paranoid craze - fashion photography editorial
woman in black outfit strong movement in fashion photograph
woman sticking her tongue out during fashion shoot
woman in faux fur enjoying herself on a recliner on terrace of Chateau Marmont with Hollywood Hills in background
girl in silver high fashion armor in futuristic fashion shoot - best clothing photographers LA
fashion armor woman in Science Fiction Fashion Story - campaign
woman in silver clothing - best fashion photographers los angeles
LA fashion photographer shoots fashion model at Pacific Ocean Coast-in-Malibu
girl in steam punk glasses at beach in Malibu, Los Angeles, California
Steampunk or Zombie style portrait - a girl with hypnotic eyes and a very intense stare
girl in swimsuit on dark highway on Pacific Coast at sunset in California fashion campaign
strong girl dominating with a direct stare on roadside on PCH in Malibu, California by fashion photographer Robert Wilde
girl in pink swimwear at the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, California
elegant woman in the California rolling hills, high fashion photographer New York and Los Angeles
girl in high fashion outfit lying in grass in editorial campaign by Robert Wilde
fashion girl and homeless in fashion advertising - best clothing photographer
dark fashion portrait of woman in Italy
dramatic sunlight in front of renaissance church in Milan, Italy in fashion editorial story by Robert Wilde
woman in black dress under joshua tree in the desert
Fashion photograph of girl in white suit dancing in front of modern high risers in Milan, Italy
two elegant women in a fashion duel - LA and New York fashion photographers
elegant girl in avantgarde fashion at portal to Renaissance church - fashion photograph
girl in dotted dress at a castle in Milan, Italy
girl at a castle that rises high above her in dramatic panorama
Best Frenemies fashion editorial two women facing off each other intense colors
Fashion model photographs photographer - shooting back - with vintage Minolta film camera in lookbook advertising campaign shoot
fashion girl jumping high and flying at Malibu beach
woman in Venice at night in front of a store under the moon, romantic scene
woman in emotion in a white dress in downtown LA
the ghost of a woman on a meadow, glowing white in elegant high fashion campaign
seductive wild girl in the woods luring in her lover - fashion editorial
girl experiencing strong emotion sitting on bench in park
girl in red dress at sunset at the ocean and the stars come out
detail of backside of dress in portrait with neck and hair and a view over a dark landscape
cyborg erotic robot in science fiction style seductive photograph
woman in red high fashion coat - lookbook
Marilyn Monroe style girl flirting in clothing lookbook photogshoot
girl in purple silk dress on desert roadside in advertising campaign fashion shoot near Palm Springs, California photographed by Robert Wilde
high fashion woman in white space coat on surreal planet with moon and spaceship, created by photographer Robert Wilde
girl in neon night of Los Angeles in front of glass bricks, hiding her face, fashion editorial shoot
fashion girl in box ring in powerful motion - fashion advertising photography

Fashion Photographer Los Angeles and New York

Robert Wilde is a fashion photographer based in Los Angeles and works in all of the USA wide and in Europe.

He creates fashion advertising campaigns, lookbooks, fashion editorials and images for online stores.

Robert is an innovative photographer known for his personal style and dedication to great lighting and image composition.

He knows that emotion plays a big part in fashion images and knows how to charge fashion with emotion. His outlook on life and the human being is positive and he likes to create characters in his fashion stories that give inspiration.


Fashion Advertising Campaigns - Storytelling for Fashion Brands

Show - don't tell. Robert shows the world and the mood of the fashion brand and works closely with marketing executives and creative directors to bring their vision of their fashion line to life.

He likes to listen first and then brings his personal style and world to the project which assures that it is vividly seen.

Robert thinks it is important for all audiences to create a feeling of fascination and honesty. This is the key for real beauty which educated and upscale audiences demand.

Younger audiences like Generation Z and the Millennials (Generation Y) do not want to be sold to but addressed as individuals and inspired.


Fashion Photography on Location

Photography creates experiences. The feeling of a special world out there that fashion brands seek gives a sensual strength that connects straight to emotions.

Even abstract concepts can be made an experience, and even more so a real-world story.

Give the power of ideas to the fashion aficionados of your brand!

Here you can read more about my the process of visualization


The Power of Visualization

Robert's specialty is to bring fashion out into the world. He shoots on location worldwide, may it be at the ocean in Malibu, in the California desert, a Renaissance Castle in Milan, Italy or at the Palace Gardens in Vienna, Austria.

The richness of the world enhances not just the fashion but brings in a story element that attracts the best audiences to a brand.

Studio Photography

Robert works in studio to bring out the specific shape of a design and to photograph a whole collection with no other influence weighing in.

See the fashion photography studio work

Portrait Photography - Individual and Fashion Portraits

Robert Wilde creates portraits of individual intensity that are recognizable and show a deep connection to the photographed individual.

This is both for fashion campaigns to create a great sense of individuality and closeness, but also for individual assignments and magazine cover stories.

Look here for Robert's extensive portrait photography portfolio