Raising Engagement in a fashion photography story by creating a unique image of a girl running with modern skyscrapers
elegant woman and castle - dramatic fashion story - fashion advertising campaign photographed in Milan, Italy
fashion photography - woman in deck chair at cheateau Marmont in Hollywood, California
Emotions - charged fashion - woman having a strong emotion at sunset in Palm Springs, California, created by fashion photographer Robert Wilde, LA
LA fashion photographer shoots fashion model at Pacific Ocean Coast-in-Malibu
woman cyborg with camera replacing face in black and white portrait
girl with Mona Lisa Mysterious smile, photographed by Robert Wilde in Millan, Italy
male fashion portrait by fashion and portrait photographer Robert Wilde, Los Angeles and New York
mens fashion - male fashion photography Los Angeles
girl in steam punk glasses at beach in Malibu, Los Angeles, California
masculine model in denim - jeans jacket - and sunglasses in Los Angeles
strong girl dominating with a direct stare on roadside on PCH in Malibu, California by fashion photographer Robert Wilde
High fashion gown in black worn by actress at Hollywood Chateau Marmont fashion editorial photography shoot
male fashion shoot - mensstyle- at construction site of bridge in Los Angeles, California by best male fashion photographer
Male leather jacket, photographed from behind, see the stitching and adorning patterns in this stylish jacket, Malibu, LA, California
Primaballerina in dynamic dancing pose performing women's fashion in photography studio, yellow cargo pants, gray jacket
fashion model in white pants and gray jacket in dancing expressive pose at fashion photograph studio in Los Angeles
girl with strong walk and tough face walking in skirt and blouse in Los Angeles
dynamic goose step fashion girl lookbook Los Angeles

Fashion Photographer
in Los Angeles and
New York

Based in Los Angeles, Robert Wilde is a highly experienced photographer with a much loved, sophisticated personal style, working for fashion and portrait clients USA-wide and in Europe.

He is an innovative photographic artist who is a master in the art of lighting both with natural light and artificial light.

He creates fashion campaigns, lookbooks, editorial fashion stories and high end e-commerce shoots for brands with a sophisticated and demanding audience who want to see images that are inventive and have style.

Robert Wilde, originally from Vienna, Austria, is based in Los Angeles and loves to travel and photograph on a great variety of locations in the USA, Europe, Asia and all the more unknown but inspiring places of the world.

Photographic artist
with a Global Perspective

Robert Wilde draws from a rich background in Western art, film and literature and has access to many ideas and inspirations from different eras and époques.

He also has a good understanding for the Asian sphere as he has studied the Japanese culture and language and traveled both Japan and China.

Robert Wilde has lived in Vienna, Paris, Berlin and now in Los Angeles and his international outlook gives him an advantage especially working for international audiences.

He has studied philosophy and literature at the university of Vienna and worked on many subjects involving the richest cultural phenomena. It is a constant source of great inspiration he includes in his client work.

Photographic artist
Engaged in Sustainability

Robert Wilde is committed to nature and landscapes and the protection of Earth's beauty. He is an engaged supporter of Sustainability.

As an experience landscape and nature photographer he has ventured out into wildernesses, forests, deserts, grasslands and ocean shores for decades and assembled a vast portfolio of landscape and nature images.

He supports the fashion industry in its transition to sustainability.

Please see more details on a page on photography for fashion brands who favor sustainability

Fashion Photographer and
Artist with Innovative Creativity

Robert Wilde is a great fit for creative directors, directors of marketing and art directors who want to pursue a highly creative and outstanding concept that goes beyond what most creatives do in fashion and advertising.

He has a wealth of experience working in cultural matters and can enrich his clients’s work with stories, myths, legends and highly original visual concepts.

The Art of Fashion Photography

Both fashion and photography can be seen as a mundane execution of necessary work or an art that results in astounding, amazing and inspiring work.

Robert Wilde sees himself in the second category. The art of fashion photography is about a personal vision and an individual style that connects directly and emotionally to audiences.

He strongly believes that in a world where we get constantly hit by “buy” messages we ignore those already but are open to more inventive and creative communication.

For the same reason he loves to work with challenging creative people in the fashion industry who have the aspiration to make a mark instead of being meek and do what everybody does.

Photographic Work and Service

Robert Wilde creates fashion advertising campaigns and artistically oriented fashion campaigns.

He also works on innovative lookbooks that have a storyline and editorial fashion stories for both magazines and fashion brands who want to increase their narrative power.

At the studio or in a studio set-up on location Robert Wilde also creates innovative work for online stores.

Robert Wilde loves to work with challenging creative directors, art directors and directors of marketing to get the best creative work for his clients. He works with producers either of the clients’s choosing or his own trusted professionals.

He is well versed in all areas of production planning, casting and hiring the right talent before and behind the camera and is always open to work with talent his clients have had great experiences with.