fashion photography of sophisticated woman in pink silk dress - clothing of California
Portrait of young woman paying attention and focusing in Milan, Italy
Woman in Silk Dress at Sunset in Palm Spring, Californ
Fashion photograph of girl in white suit dancing in front of modern high risers in Milan, Italy
girl in high fashion coat by Los Angeles fashion photographer Robert Wilde in Milan, Italy
fashion model running past highriser in fashion editorial in Milan, Italy
LA fashion photographer shoots fashion model at Pacific Ocean Coast-in-Malibu
fashion photography of woman in orange coat in front of dark renaissance church in Italy
Girl in a red coat in Milan, Italy in an avantgarde style fashion photograph
Woman in high fashion suit posing at expressionist statue
man in black hoodie looking mysteriously in masculine workwear fashion shoot in LA
high fashion model performing at studio fashion photography shoot in Los Angeles
best fashion photographers create stunning performances like this one in studio, LA
dance of the veils next to a pool in Palm Springs, California
woman in yellow silk dress dances next to a pool
Girl in white coat in front of a high tower in a surreal landscape
Woman walking strong past construction site fashion photograph
high fashion model on strange planet with spaceship and moon


LA and New York based photographer Robert Wilde photographs fashion campaigns, editorial lookbooks and editorial stories worldwide. He is an innovative photographer known for his personal style of outstanding lighting and creating images of a very specific visual story quality.

Robert Wilde knows that emotion is key in fashion and he knows how to charge fashion with emotions.

Portrait Photographer in Los Angeles and New York

Robert Wilde creates portraits for personalities of personality and strength. This has an advantage also for companies. Instead of the usual corporate headshot you picture your staff not just as "personnel inventory" but as individualistic and complex people who do advanced work at a high performance.

There is a great variety in Robert Wilde's work as a portrait photographer for sophisticated and leading personalities

Photography supports getting funds and support for new projects

Nothing beats a photograph when it is about bringing concepts to life.

Th power of a visual concept cuts through many words and shows: this is what it is about. It will stick to the memory of the people presented with the ideas. It will be clear to them.

Presentation documents, especially with advanced concepts can give people the impression of a cloud of words. Give them the sharp outlines of the concept in visual form.

See a few more thoughts about my the process of visualization