Stylish high fashion model running with futuristic skyscraper in the background. Created by Photographic Artist Robert Wilde, in Milan, Italy, Europe
elegant woman and castle - dramatic fashion story - fashion advertising campaign photographed in Milan, Italy
dynamic goose step fashion girl lookbook Los Angeles
male fashion shoot - mensstyle- at construction site of bridge in Los Angeles, California by best male fashion photographer
brilliant fashion photography attracts high end fashion customers with powerful emotions - high fashion model on the terrace of Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, California
Charged with emotions - woman having a strong, personal experience at sunset in Palm Springs, California, created by fashion photographer Robert Wilde, LA
Elegant women in bathing suitsat the beach - swimwear fashion photography editorial and lookbook - Malibu, California
Getting Attention: the right kind of fashion photography - beautiful model at the ocean in Malibu, California in bright colors
woman cyborg with camera replacing face in black and white portrait
Mystery Portrait of Woman with an enigmatic smile wearing a high fashion dress, photographed in Milan, Italy, Europe
fashion girl jumping high and flying at Malibu beach
Male leather jacket, photographed from behind, see the stitching and adorning patterns in this stylish jacket, Malibu, LA, California
girl in steam punk glasses at beach in Malibu, Los Angeles, California
male fashion portrait by fashion and portrait photographer Robert Wilde, Los Angeles and New York
Strong dramatic photograph of short skirt and blouse in fashion campaign , photographed in Los Angeles
strong girl dominating with a direct stare on roadside on PCH in Malibu, California by fashion photographer Robert Wilde
A quick brown fox jumps over lazy dog mens style fashion photograph
Portrait of a cool young man in hard light on location in Los Angeles, California by portrait photographer Robert Wilde
High fashion gown in black worn by actress at Hollywood Chateau Marmont fashion editorial photography shoot

Photographic Artist in Los Angeles

Robert Wilde is a photographic artist based in Los Angeles, working all over the USA and Europe.

He is a creator of visual stories for individuals and companies who desire an artistic and personal approach leading to pictures and motion content that are outstanding and no one else has. Each project is specifically produced for each client.

Fashion Photography and Emotions

Fashion photography is about creating a personal relationship between people and clothing. It is building an emotional landscape for the viewer and makes the clothing in the pictures symbols of positive feelings that the viewer then can wear. We all have our lucky jackets and talismans, things that physically represent the good in our lives. Fashion photography, so Robert Wilde, can do that on purpose. It creates wearable emotions for human beings who hunger for emotions even more than they do for food. Emotions are the food of the soul.

The Global Perspective and Art and Literature

Art, literature, film, opera, dance and the theater are close to Robert Wilde's heart and are a never-ending source of inspiration. Robert loves to work with artists and singers and carries the rich stories of centuries of Western art into his projects. Every artist is in constant dialog with all the great art ever produced and gets inspiration from it.

Fashion Photographer in Los Angeles and New York

Robert Wilde believes that fashion photography is not about the clothing. It is about the relationship between the people and the clothing. This is where the emotions come in that make or break a fashion company. As a fashion photographer Robert Wilde creates a world of emotional experience, an emotional landscape for fashion.

Sustainability and Fashion

Nature is one of the greatest locations for fashion photography and Robert Wilde has created many stories in the wonderful beauty of California landscapes. He believes in the protection of nature as not just a protection of the planet but of the core of humanity itself. Robert Wilde supports sustainability and desires to help sustainable fashion companies to make their way with their high quality and Earth friendly sustainable fashion.

The Art of Fashion Photography

Photography is an art form that is deeply personal. It is using a machine, the camera, to create images as they are seen by the eye of a specific human being. This is why we can so quickly get enamored with a photograph that stops us in our busy path. This supports the key notion that fashion photography is not what fashion looks like, but what it feels like and how it relates to the individual human beings. Here is the way I campaign this for myself, working in creating an upscale graphic experience and aphoristic brevity without ad speak: Campaign

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